Celly Info


Please read this and get signed up!

Hey band students and parents!  This is important and will take a few minutes, so if this isn't a good time, make sure to come back to it when you have a minute.  Better yet parents, have your super tech savvy student read it and take care of it for you!

We use an app called Celly which allows us to create groups as we need and communicate directly to the pertinent group - for example NOT texting middle school parents when the HS band is on a trip!  Follow the directions below or if you prefer more details, check out the attachment for your band at the bottom of this page.

We encourage students AND parents to sign up so everyone is in the loop and gets all information.  Please join any groups that you want to receive updates about.  Make sure you fill out your profile with your actual name so we can identify everyone.

If you, at any time, are prompted for a password in order to join a group, the password for ALL groups is Lions lions lions! (with the spaces and first letter capitalized).  If you are prompted for a username, please make it so that we can recognize who you are (this is for Guard and LC only) and we will approve you or not.  If you are not approved, contact us and let us know it's you!

There are three ways to participate with Celly.

  1. 1The Celly app (the easiest way - available for iPhone and Android - free; on iPads you have to get the iPhone app as there is no iPad specific app)

  2. 2The Celly website - https://cel.ly

  3. 3Via text message - please note that this has been recently (7/2016) been disabled even though it is still displayed on their website and some help pages.

APP directions

Once you download the app, type the name of the group you want to participate with and follow the directions.  A list of all possible groups is below.  Remember, if you need a password it is Lions lions lions! (with the spaces).

WEBSITE directions

Go to https://cel.ly and either create a Celly account or sign in with Twitter, Facebook, or Google Plus.  Once you're logged in, enter the name of the group you want to participate with - MAKE SURE you place the @ in front of your group name - example @BlanchardHSBand

A list of all possible groups is below.  Remember, if you need a password it is "Lions lions lions!".


HS Groups:

  1. BlanchardHSBand

  2. BlanchardLC (Leadership Council)

  3. BlanchardGuard

  4. BlanchardFlutes

  5. BlanchardClarinets

  6. BlanchardMidVoices

  7. BlanchardTrumpets

  8. BlanchardLowBrass

  9. BlanchardPercussion

MS Groups:

  1. Blanchard78 (7th & 8th grade band)

  2. Blanchard6 (6th grade band)

  3. Blanchard5 (5th grade band)

If you have any trouble or need any help, please contact Ms. K.- blanchardbands@gmail.com or read the appropriate link for your group below (if yours isn’t listed, read one of these and you’ll get what you need for your cell):

Celly - Blanchard HS Band

Celly - Leadership Council (HS)

Celly - Guard (HS)

Celly - Blanchard 7th & 8th Grade Band

Celly - Blanchard 6th Grade Band

Celly - Blanchard 5th Grade Band