Go to the website or download the free app, Charms Blue, on any smartphone-- if you do not have internet access available to you, please contact a director as soon as possible to make other arrangements for communication.  We will be using Charms, the band website, and email for the majority of our communication, homework that will be recorded and turned in online, financial information, forms that need to printed out and turned in, and itineraries for upcoming trips.  The app setup is very similar to this, though some items are found in different places. The only way you can’t use Charms is if you can’t get on the internet. Below are the directions on how to access Charms:

Locate the “PARENT/STUDENT LOGIN” section of the web page at the top right under ENTER/LOGIN on the computer.  The app will open to the correct screen.

Login to your student’s account using the school code: BlanchardBands (please note this is ONE word)

On the computer, this will bring up the main parent page.  This will allow you to look at the Blanchard Bands’ public calendar, email teachers, see any posted bulletins, and has a link to the band website,  Charms requires a password to proceed.

Your password is your student’s ID. Your student’s ID is their first initial followed by their last name, capitalized correctly.  For example, Joe Smith would be JSmith; Sarah Jones would be SJones.  The student ID must be capitalized correctly to work.  If you have any trouble here, please contact a director or have your student ask for his/her information.

oNOTE: If you have two or more students in band (any grade) you can link their accounts so you only have one password, but this can only be done on a computer or the browser on your phone.  It is not supported in the app.  Be sure all the students know the shared password.

The first time you log in to Charms, you will be asked to change your password. Since both you and your student will utilize Charms, you will want to select a new password that both you and your student can remember.  We highly encourage students to write their Charms password into the cover of their band book or binder in case they need it at school.

Another more detailed screen appears with even more options to view your student’s financial records, forms, music assignments (which will be recorded at home and turned in via Charms), and much more!  On the app you’ll see three bars in the top right corner which gives you access to everything.

Please locate the Update Info area and fill out your student’s info and add an adult (on the bottom left of the form).  On the app you go to My Profile and click the Add/Edit An Adult button on the top right of the screen. Make any necessary changes and click update to save.  Any time phone numbers, addresses or e-mail addresses change, please update your student’s info as soon as possible. This will help the band directors communicate with you more effectively and will help the director maintain records.

Most of our handouts, handbooks, newsletters, etc. will be distributed via Charms, so you’ll need to login in order to print them out and have your student hand them in (or fill out electronically and email if you have the capability).  You are easily able to check on Charms to see if your student has turned in the forms you send him/her to school with.  If you do not have the capability to print, have your student pick up a hard copy of the form(s) you need at school.  Students will need to ask for copies as we are saving money on paper by copying as little as possible.  Newsletters can be responded with only an email saying the newsletter has been read.  You do NOT need a hard copy of newsletters.  The newsletter must be read online and a note can be written and turned in for a grade if email is not an option for you.

The Finances area has information on instrument fees for school instruments, if applicable.  Payment via PayPal is also an option.

Be sure to check out the School Calendar regularly for important dates and the Volunteers area for opportunities to get involved and sign-up to help at numerous events.

Charms is linked on the Blanchard Band website, which also has a ton of useful info.  If you can’t find something on Charms or the band website, it’s probably a good question!

If you have any trouble using the app, the first course of action should be to log out and close the app completely and then try logging in again.  If that doesn’t work, delete the app and download it again.  This isn’t a common occurrence, but it usually solves any issues that occur.

We have used this program for many years now and it does wonderful things!  If you have any trouble please contact a director and we’ll be glad to walk you through things!

Information on how to use Charms for all Blanchard Bands

If you are having any trouble using your app, please log out, close Charms completely, and log in again.  If that doesn’t solve the problem we recommend deleting the app and reinstalling it.